Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Not So Wordless part of Wednesday

After Dean and Zane spent the morning with Aunt Kim helping to clean up, they made it back to our house just in time for some lunch! After picking up Aunt Kim's new washer and dryer we grabbed some food and headed to drop them off before heading home {with a GRUMPY 2 year old} to get ready for pics and dinner! We had planned on meeting our cousin Deanna before dinner to play with Peyton and some pics, but with Zane lacking in sleep we had to post pone that to another date so that we could make it though dinner! When we got home this afternoon we found a package on the porch, Dean and I just looked at each other.. we had NO idea who this could possibly be from much less what it was. Once we got Zane and Peyton both laid down we opened it up to find a fluffy teddy bear and a set of pink bear towels :) It was from Dean's work!!! Thank you VW!! So after letting Zane catch some sleep we got everyone up and ready for dinner with Aunt Vicki and Uncle Paul at Cracker Barrel!! another Mmmm!!

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