Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Today was a planned lazy day at home since we played so much yesterday. Zane was playing with Daddy and his trains when he requested Peyton to come and watch him play. I was pooped so I laid down in his bed with Peyton and ended up going to sleep, in which Dean apparently got my phone, snapped a pic and loaded it to facebook! I woke up to find it later, haha! Later that afternoon we seen were VW had FINALLY called to let us know that the paperwork for our van was FINALLY there and we could come and get it! YAY!! {it's been sitting there almost 3.5 weeks!!} After picking up the van we called Kim to see if she would be home so that we could stop by on the way home and we got a dinner invite instead! So off to Olive Garden we went for dinner with Aunt Kim, Aunt Deanna, Hannah and Grandma! Mmmm!! I did however end up leaving my camera AND phone in the car.. so no pics of Aunt Deanna and Hannah meeting Peyton for the first time :( After dinner we did end up stopping by Kim and Mrs Sue's so that Dean could take a look at their ac. It was so warm in the house that Zane cooled off with Aunt Kim's Disney water fan! haha, he was SOAKED when we went to leave and ended up having to change his clothes!

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