Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!


So happy that I got to come home yesterday so I could just wake up in my bed! lol! I still can't believe that both babies got up at 9:30 this morning! Talk about a good mother's day present! We woke up to Peyton cooing and Zane in his room saying "Momma" in his sweet little voice. Dean got up first, changed Peyton then handed her to me so that I could feed her, then went and got Zane up, changed him and they went to town to get some breakfast. I finished up with Peyton and decided that since she was going back to sleep so was I, lol! I woke up to Zane bring me breakfast and a mother's day card and to Dean with a BIG box of chocolates! It was so sweet.

It was nice to just have a day at home with all FOUR of us! That still sounds SO weird! Zane played with his Dinosaur Train that Peyton brought home for him, helped feed Peyton and played/talked to her in her swing... So far he LOVES her so much! Just hoping the newest does wear off to quick and he asks when she's leaving, haha! He's just too sweet to her, esp with all the kisses!I even got some flowers from my daddy today too :)

I'm one happy momma today. Thank you Dean for making me the momma to my sweet babies, Zane and Peyton I love you both SO very much!!

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