Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dr Appts

Today was dr appt day... First up.. Peyton! She's doing GREAT! She now weighs 7lbs 14oz!! and is 21 inches!! The dr was very happy with her weigh gain. :) Next up was my appt... I'm down 14lbs!! umm.. YAY! That puts me 13lbs under what I was when I got pregnant, now to just keep that going! Starting our new diet this week and walking on the treadmill since I'm still not fully released for any activities. I did get orders for blood work since my iron levels were low in the hospital :( Knew that was coming though. Zane was a handful to say the least today... do believe it's those terrible twos trying to set in... and def has NOTHING to do with Peyton. He's yet to show ANY negativity toward her {and I PRAY it stays that way!} He's constantly talking to her, if she's upset he tries to fix it, he's become more interested in holding her, and tells her often that he missed her.

My little bratty boy...

Snoozin Miss Peyton... every time we'd put the bow back where it was suppose to be she'd pull it back over her eyes, silly girl!

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