Sunday, May 1, 2011

Last weekend as a Family of Three

We had a REALLY low key weekend. Friday I had nose bleeds all day which let to A LOT of laying down on the couch in hopes of them stopping. Around the time I went to start fixing our lunch the power went out and Zane was tripping me out just telling me to go get new batteries, if only it was that simple, haha! We ended up at my favorite place this pregnancy for lunch, Micheal's Deli, and I promise they know my order by heart! ha! I was still having nose bleeds by the time Dean got home so I really didn't feel like fixing dinner.. so where else but Micheal's Deli for dinner! lol, I honestly don't know how I've managed to keep my weight down eating at this place SO much! Once we got back home Dean let Zane drive mommy's car up the drive way and around the property. I must admit.. he drives REALLY well for a 2 year old!! We thought about taking Zane to Fernandina to watch the fireworks they were having for the Shrimp Fest.. but someone was in need of bed so we decided to just stay home.

One tired little boy...

Driving mommy's car...

Saturday I actually ended up sleeping till 1pm!!! In my defense I wasn't able to get to sleep till like 5am {with a sleep aid!}. Dean and Zane were up about 9 that morning and I could hear nothing but giggles so I know that they had a good morning. They played inside, outside and went swimming.. so glad they got that time together this weekend, though I'm equally upset Dean took NO pics! I went on a cleaning spree that included cleaning out cabinets once we finished up lunch. And started on getting weekly coupons off the internet.

Sunday I was awake about 6:30, but had only got about 3 hours of sleep, again with sleep aid.. this is just CRAZY! Dean went out and got us breakfast and a couple of newspapers. I clipping coupons all morning before we headed out to Yulee to see some friends and give them there baby shower gift. Zane had a BLAST playing with Kelsey while we were there. They were dancing around the living room before we left.. Dean got some video on his phone that I'll steal and post a little later, it was just too cute! After leaving there we headed to Target where I needed to get a few things that I had forgot to get on errand day. We made it to the back of the store and I didn't think I was going to make it out and to the car... OUCH at the contractions!!! We got home and I laid down because I was still hurting pretty bad. Unfortunately for me they were Braxton Hicks because I'm still here at the house, lol! Dean fixed dinner tonight before I even got up and then we took Zane over to play with Grandpa for a bit tonight before going to bed.

This weekend has certainly flow by WAY quicker than I imagined it would. I have to admit though, I'm to the point now that all that's on my mind is Tues Pre-op appt and then ofcourse the arrival of Peyton on Thurs. I'm so excited yet so freaked out about the fact of the needles that are going to be involved. Def going to need some strong prayer to make it through the next couple of days of nerves.

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