Saturday, May 7, 2011

Going Home!

After checking my iron levels {they were pretty low when we got there on Thurs and have cont to be low... they were making sure they hadn't dropped any more} and them coming up a bit Dr Wells said that if I was ready I could go home.. I was DEF ready! and Dean too, lol! Those chair beds apparently aren't very comfy! We got mine and Peyton's paper work done and signed and off we went... To Julie's! lol!! That's right.. we didn't go home. Well in all honesty.. we stopped at Target first {hey, it's like my home! haha!} for some last min things we still needed for Peyton and THEN we went to Julie's. She was having a newborn workshop and needed another newborn... and what's better than a 2 day old newborn?!?!? Peyton did pretty good the first hour.. then woke up and pretty much wasn't having it :/ But we did get some awesome pics!!

I can't explain how blessed I feel that Peyton not only got pics done in the hospital but that Julie did them as well. I'll never be able to thank Joy and Julie enough!

After pics we got home about the same time as Zane, Aunt Kim and Granny. They had taken him to the zoo for the day. He was pretty worn out so it didn't look like he was going to be able to really spend time with her that night... esp after the tantrum he through that landed him in his room for a while. But a little later he calmed down {he was EXHAUSTED!} and came out and played with her a bit before bedtime. At which he had another melt down, lol.. which we fixed by asking if he wanted to help tuck Peyton in. He agreed and it made everything ok for him to go to bed too :) Looks like this may end up being a routine...

Dr Wells and Peyton...

Not exactly the pics I had planned for this.. but almost forgot till we were about to walk out the door!

WOO HOO!! We're headed home!!

Here's a sneak Julie left us on Facebook...

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