Saturday, May 28, 2011

And so it begins....

Today we headed out to the First Wakeboard Comp of the summer :) We usually help run everything but this year is starting something new... NOT running them! Dean is still going to help... but the weight is off our shoulders with the contest, which I must admit is nice. We can now miss one here and there just like everyone else... or be LATE like today, lol! The contest started at 10 and we arrived about 2! haha! We slept in a bit today then got everything ready to leave. We took Peyton with us today, but she will not be attending them all seeing that she can't exactly be in the sun and surely doesn't need to be in the heat all day. She spent the day in the Pedersen's RV... Dean and Zane spent it in the lake swimming... and mommy did a little of both :) Dean ended up placing SECOND in his division, and this after not riding for about 7 months at that!! Way to go Dean!!!

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