Thursday, May 5, 2011

Introducing Miss Peyton Madison

Well... we were suppose to start our morning at 4:30... but I never went to sleep. Just way too much on my mind. I did however wake Dean up at 4:30, lol! We got our things together, I double checked to make sure we had everything, picked up some last min stuff around the house, Dean changed out car seats and we waited for Kim to arrive so that we could head out. At 5:30 we headed to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital at 6:30 and checked into the surgery center. In a matter of minutes we were headed back to a room to get things started. And the tears started. I just wanted to go home.. I was so excited to meet her but was terrified about the iv and spinal since I had such a bad experience with Zane. I seen the cart roll up outside my room and started crying again.. the nurse stepped in and asked if this was my first and Dean and I laughed and told her no.. and she said.. oh, so your just scared of the c-section? and I laughed again and said no, actually I'm freaked out about the iv. She looked at me like I was crazy {yep, get that ALL the time, lol!} and said well I would be scared about them cutting me open, not making a little stick! all I could do was laugh.. that's what a NORMAL person would be scared of! She then informed me that she was just there for vitals that someone else would be there for the iv and my blood drawl {I had TOTALLY forgot about that!}. Well while I was giving my "sample" she went and talked to the nurse who would be doing my iv, told her about my last experience and asked if there was anyway to do the iv and blood drawl in one vs sticking me twice... and YAY there was!!

So after my vitals I waited just a few minutes before the nurse came in to start my iv. I could not have asked for a better more understanding nurse!! {Though I was still FREAKING OUT!} We talked for a while and she decided that it would prob be best if she had someone come in and numb where she was going do to the iv since she would be messing with it for a little bit for the blood drawl. I was happy 1} that she thought about this but more importantly 2} that she was honest that she hadn't done many of the numbing sticks and with me being so scared chose someone who knew more about doing them. The numbing and iv stick went GREAT!! YAY!! One down, One to go!

Around 8:00 they came and got me from the surgery center and took me up to Labor and Delivery to get everything rolling up there. I answered a MILLION questions, lol, met with my nurses and then my anesthesiologist... yeah.. I started crying when she told me who she was, lol... telling you SUPER TERRIFIED of needles does NOT come close! We started talking about everything.. she asked why I was so terrified and I explained my last experience and told her that I just had one request... that she didn't yell at me if she hit a nerve and I jumped. She said well I would never do that because it's a natural reaction and nothing you can control anyways. She made me feel SUPER comfortable really quickly, though I was still freaking out about having to go through with it. She left to go finish getting ready and then one of my nurses walked in and asked if we would be ready at 9:15 instead of 9:30 {this was at 9:05!} I was SUPER excited again.. but the scared factor amp'ed up because we were SO close! A few minutes later Dr Wells walked in, and once again the water works started. He assured me everything would be GREAT! I reminded him of no play by plays, lol! We then started back to the OR.

Once in the OR, panic struck. I ended up TOTALLY loosing it. They actually ended up bringing Dean in {which they NEVER do} to see if he could calm me down. About the same time Mrs Donna {our baby nurse, but more importantly a very close family friend that is like another momma to us.. she was there when we had Zane too} walked in. She came over bear hugged me and padded my back and just like that it was like everything was ok. THANK YOU MRS DONNA!!! We def would not have made it through without her! They started back on my spinal and got that all done and laid me down on the table and got things started. My anesthesiologist was GREAT!! Any time I told her I was getting sick she'd give me some meds through my iv and within about 30 secs I was feeling MUCH better! She actually got to the point she would just watch my blood pressure and give it to me before I hit the point of asking. We were all in there just talking and joking.. it was AWESOME!! Way better than with Zane {minus the whole panic attack at the beginning!} I was made aware when they were about to pull Peyton out... and then the next thing I heard was them suctioning her and then her crying.. best thing ever! {well next to hearing Zane}... At 9:42am Miss Peyton Madison entered the world {7lbs 11oz, 19.5 inches} :) Our anesthesiologist was awesome in another aspect too... she actually took the camera from Dean so that he could enjoy watching and she took LOTS of pics for us! After everything was all finished up I went to the recovery room while {not so} patiently waiting for Dean to bring Peyton in. After about 20 min he finally came in with her. We got to spend about 30 min with her before Dean went and got my dad, Kim, Zane and Chrissy from the waiting room so they could see her for a little bit before she went to the nursery for a little while.

Once they took Peyton everyone went home and they moved me to a regular room. I must admit it was nice to have some quiet time.. I had planned on trying to get some sleep, since I hadn't slept since Wed morning, but I guess my adrenaline was a bit too high and that just didn't happen. After a little while in our room they brought Peyton in. We spent most of the day just holding her :) Later that night Dean's mom came by to see her and spend some time with us.... lol, she brought Dean TWO foot-long subs and he ate EVERY bite! haha! I did manage thankfully to get some sleep that night... and I needed it!

Here are just a few pics from today....

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congrats jamie! she's beautiful!