Sunday, May 15, 2011

Busy Weekend

Friday I had plans with a friend for her to come out and visit, but with only having about three hours of sleep we re-scheduled. I ended up sleeping till almost mid day {well waking up to feed Peyton and pump in there too}... Thank you Dean for letting me sleep, I know my time for that is coming to a quick end :( That afternoon my aunts came in for a visit and to see Peyton. We went out to dinner and visited before heading home to try and get some rest.

Saturday morning we were headed to a Family Day function with VW, that we almost scratched thanks to Miss Peyton being up from 12:30 till about 5am! Got to get her back on track! We got up and ready about the time my other 2 aunts and my uncle came in. We went over and visited with them for about an hour before we left to VW and they all went up to visit some other family. We didn't get to VW till about an hour and a half into them starting. They had all kind of fun stuff... we stayed at the bounce house/slide! lol! Zane had a BLAST! We couldn't even talk him into leaving it for a cookie! We did end up leaving about an hour after getting there because Zane was on the verge of a melt down. We ended up making it to the van about the time the bottom fell out of the sky, literally! I'm sad to say that I have NO pics from the event since I had Peyton in my arms and Dean was watching Zane {though I still can't figure out how he took NO pictures!} After that we had planned on going to see some friends who had just had their baby girl on Tues, that we hadn't been able to get a hold of, but upon calling found out they were on their way to Wolfson with her because she wasn't using the bathroom :( Once home we got both babies down for naps, along with mommy! We spent the rest of the afternoon playing inside and just having some fun family time.

Sunday I once again slept late thanks to Dean. I was up from about 4am till almost 7am with Peyton... she and I both slept till 11, got up fed her {well Dean did} and I pumped before we both went back to bed and slept till 2!!! I woke up looked at the clocked and while happy that Dean let me sleep I realized that we were officially late for our cousin Cody's 16th family bday party. :/ {Cody and Peyton now share birthdays!} We started getting everyone ready {Zane was once again missing his nap} and headed out. We got there and the only thing on Zane's little mind was the swimming pool. So after trying to keep him out for about 15 min Dean decided to just go ahead and get him changed and let him go. They swam for a while before Dean made him get out because he was so cold, lol! After swimming came "Happy Cake"! Then we were off to feed the horses and chickens. Zane and his cousins all fed the horse out of their hands. Then it was off to the chickens... were they all were trying to catch and caught the chickens.. it was HILARIOUS!! Zane actually ended up catching one {on his own!} by the tail feathers no less.. walking out with him saying "I GOT HIM!!! I GOT HIM!!!"... that poor chicken will prob NEVER lay another egg!! He did correct his hold and held him under his stomach, where he proceeded to show off that he caught a chicken and kept saying "I like him!" The child then tried kissing him, and all I could see was the chicken latching onto his face, so I told him to go ahead and let the chicken go. After the party we headed home and outside we stayed... Zane played on his 4-wheeler and then Dean and I caved and gave him the bike we were saving for Christmas.. lol, guess I'll have to find another "big" item for him!

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