Monday, May 16, 2011

MOSH Monday

I wanted to fit in one last fun family {weekday} thing before Dean headed back to work and I have heard SO many talk about MOSH that Dean and I decided that's where we'd go. Aunt Kim was off today to so she came with us! :) After getting there and doing everything, I must admit, we won't be back any time soon. NONE of us were impressed... I don't know if there is a right or wrong time to go.. but if there is someone please fill us in because I was SO disappointed!! What makes it stink SO badly too.. the weather was SO SO pretty out today!! We had talked about the zoo but decided to scratch it because it had been so hot and we felt that Peyton and I did NOT need to be in it. After feeling the great weather and walking through MOSH I do believe we were all beyond disappointed.. and what to do about that?!?! a little shopping at TARGET!! lol!! {After a little walk beside the river and watching a train}

Here are a couple of pics from today...

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